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20 October 2006 @ 05:04 pm
Super B!  
Down on your plate of food!
Able to stop mutation with a single bound!
Able to fly at the source of Cancer DNA!
It's Super Vitamin B - FOLATE!

Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Folate   Yes FOLATE (One of the B vitamin complexes) It's in the food we should be eating anyway, and the good news just keeps piling up! I was thinking about diet the other day. I sat down to a dinner of corn, just corn, and thought back to being a child and imagining what it would be like to make dinner for myself! Cakes and cookies, ice cream, goodies, olives (weird, I know, but my niece liked them as a toddler too... so it must be genetic) I never once pictured myself sitting down to a meal I had chosen for myself, that even INCLUDED veggies, let alone consisting of ONLY veggies! Either I am an adult or I have had some kind of extreme brain DNA mutation - WHICH COULD IT BE? Do we really hate vegetables as youngsters, or do we just react to all the anti-veggie propaganda around us? Kids are supposed to hate vegetables...right? Who's kidding who? NO sugar, NO fat, NO salt: OF COURSE KIDS SHOULD HATE VEGGIES! And that's why we adults have to do our duty, and take every opportunity to SHOVE THEM DOWN THIER LITTLE THROATS! Trust me, they'll thank you when they're older... or they won't. Either way, feed them greens and they'll be around long enough to hate you for it! And that's the point.

Fun with veggies!