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27 November 2006 @ 06:08 pm
Scorpion King!  

"Health physicists are establishing safe procedures for a promising experimental brain-cancer therapy which uses a radioactive version of a protein found in scorpion venom. For many, this will conjure images of Spiderman's nemesis, the Scorpion. The purpose of this work is not science fiction, but rather to help to develop a promising new therapy for brain cancer. The venom of the yellow Israeli scorpion preferentially attaches to the cells of a type of essentially incurable brain cancers known as gliomas."

Radioactive Scorpion Venom
as a treatment for brain cancer! Apparently, making it radioactive gives it the punch - but the question is... why is scorpion venom attracted to cancer cells? Is this a first time case of two wrongs making a right? 

And another question... who thought this up? What is the conversation around that water-cooler like?

Joe Scientist/Physicist: Yeah, vacation was a hoot. Mary and the kids went hiking but I stayed in the tent to nap. I got bit by a horribly ugly little desert critter and after nearly dying I only ended up with a headache! Thank god I never go anywhere without my pocket-lab. That anti-venom I made only took seven minutes, I had THREE whole minutes to spare. Science rules!

Jill Scientist/Physicist: A headache you say? Hummmmm... I wonder if that's the T-cell Tram-34 carrier we've been looking for. Quick! Someone get me some venom and radiate it, before I forget to write this down.

It could happen, Scientist/Physicists are capable of saying just about anything and making it appear normal.

These are seriously smart folks, just the sort we want  theorizing about venom and it's possible uses to improve mankind.
They are the MacGyvers of the medical world. They just know how to do things.